Discovering Madagascar through German Eyes - part#1 on 3

Historically speaking Madagascar Island and Germany had little to do with each other until the end of 19th century when the Realm of Madagascar set diplomatic relationship with a pool of European powers including Germany, around 1886. Indirectly though, during WWII, local population and Germans got in touch when in 1942 British troops came to fight Japanese who then intended to set a submarine base in Diego Suarez, a very beautiful bay ranked 2nd in the world, in the North of Madagascar.
Germany had never had some colonial view on Madagascar during the 19th according to the Berlin Treaty in 1884. Therefore most German documentaries about my island are honest, not tainted with some miserable distance the colonial past might give former colons, without those kind of contempt french reporters can't hardly hide. More, french reporters or researchers in nature or pharmaceutical fields have kept that bad habit and turn really toward highlanders only when they can't find any one else skilled enough for their projects. I have plenty of examples and evidence about that contemptuous attitude of french people when they deal with my beloved country.
It's not that important in fact because with or without westerners' agreement or recognition, we Highlanders keep moving forward, strong and determined. We have plenty room for improving ourselves, for enhancing our means and boosting our economy, for setting social welfare.
I'm very glad to post this German 3-part documentary which really deals exclusively with the best spots in Madagascar and the splendid diversity of its people and folks. I'm sorry for having no time to subtitle it in English or French.
Of course this material is not mine, it's copyrighted by a German TV the name of whom I've not in mind now."

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